Monday, March 12, 2012

Dream Journal Entry 3978877684939i8h54667484: "Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart?"

So, I had this very strange dream last night in which I was working in this 7-11 type convenience store. Or, more to the point, I somehow ended up working in such a place. I had never worked there before, but for some reason, I was the only person in the place, so I ended up working there.

  There was never any explanation in the dream for why I was there. I wasn't cursing anyone for leaving me in this predicament or anything.

   It is like the whole dream started with 5 minutes to closing time. I was all ready to lock the doors,and then someone came in, so I couldn't lock up. Then, 15 or so more people came in all at once, one of them being a guy that I was clearly friends with, but whom I do not recognize from my waking life.

  The first guy wanted to buy a pack of Winstons, so I tried first to type in  the price of the cigarettes, but that didn't work. So, I tried to scan them, but then it asked me to enter a proof of age, but it gave me no indication of how to do that. I hit a button to try and override the request, and the whole thing shut off.

  I then had to follow the cord for this cash register, which snaked ALL AROUND the store, and the store had also now grown in size.I turned to my friend and handed him the keys and asked him to lock the doors for me, so that nobody else could get in.

  I should mention that all of the people in the dream were very nice and friendly and patient, which is the exact opposite of what normally occurs in any sort of store and there is any delay for any reason. So, in that way, the dream was quite nice.

   I went back to the counter, and I guess rang up the guys smokes properly, because I was then waiting on someone else, who looked at me and said "Are those yours?"

  "Are what mine?" I answered her question with mine.

  "Those pictures." She pointed, and the crowd of people parted so that I could see the pictures to which she referred. They were drawn on white lined notebook paper and taped to a counter off at a side window, and I had this flashback within the dream to my wife and I taping those pictures to that counter. I looked at the girl and said that they were, in fact, my pictures.
   "They're great," she said, and put a soda on the counter to purchase. I proceeded to try and ring it up.

  It was at this point that I was overcome with a feeling of dread.I was sure that someone was going to rob the store or something horrible was going to happen. It became urgent to me that I get these folks rung up and out of the store. I looked out at the crowd, and it seemed like there was even more people in the store.

  I went to check if my friend had locked the door, but the door was wide open and he was gone. This caused my feelings of dread to ramp up a few hundred percent. I scanned the store to see if I could find him, but I could not.

  At this point, I was pretty sure that I was going to die.

  Than I woke up.

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