Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dream Journal Entry 4513459898YU767554

So, this dream started out in what appeared to be a veterinarian's office. I don't recall having an animal with me, but I suppose I probably did.

  There was this other guy there, who I apparently recognized as someone from the New York Mets front office(now, even as a Mets fan, I don't know that I would recognize a member of the Mets front office if I was standing IN the Mets front office, but that is not important). Hew as having a conversation with the vet about his cat. That is all that happened.

  Cut to the next scene in the dream, and I am talking with my older brother Nick, and he is looking at a bunch of papers. He looks at me, holds up the paper he is reading, and says," So, a guy from the Mets front office was there, huh?" I notice that he has a transcript of the visit to the veterinarian's office in his hands, that is how he knows that this guy was there. A TRANSCRIPT of the visit to the vet's office. Huh?

  Cut to the next scene in the dream, which My Special Lady and I at some hip party in some room that looks like an airplane hangar. A bunch of people I know from all times and facets of my life are there, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. We notice that our drinks are empty, so we walk up to the bar. the bartender is this guy that is speaking something that does not even sound like a language.

  He gives My Special lady a drink, and then looks at me and says "NBRTHGRNG BGHTRH?" I smile and nod, and he proceeds to go through  some very elaborate series of moves that result in  him handing me a White Russian. I smile and walk away.

  I see that My Special Lady is sitting on the floor with a bunch of people. I walk over and realize that I cannot join the circle on the floor, so I sit on a futon nearby. I reach into my pocket for my phone, and realize I don't have it. I look up, and the whole place is empty.

 I wake up.


Anonymous said...

I am a loyal reader but i dont like to comment typically, but these days i just thought i would let you know my thanks. cheers!

Paticus said...

Well Anonymous, thank you for the kind word, and for reading. Cheers to you as well.!!