Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Matteau!!!Matteau!!! Matteau!!!(some rambling that became a post about me, My Dad and the NY Rangers)

Hey, look at that, it's a blog post!! No, it's right here, RIGHT in front of you!! There you go, now you got it.

So, I don't know that I have very much to say, but I wan ted to post a blog post to my blog, so here I am , posting a post to my blog. You get the sense I'm stalling? Well, aren't you a keen observer.

  Here's something, I mowed the lawn last night. Well, that's not entirely true,and I feel the need to be completely honest with you: I mowed about half of the lawn last night.That's how I mow the lawn. We have one rather large side of the lawn, so I do that one day, and then the next day(usually) I will do the other side and the backyard. I did the larger side yesterday, but I will NOT be doing the smaller side and backyard tonight...Wanna know why?

  RANGERS hockey, baby! Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals is tonight, and I will be watching it over at my friends house. Exciting stuff. The New York Rangers are the No. 1 seed in the East!! they have a chance to win the Cup. But I think even more than that, they are a good, young team that I think can be very good for a very long time. Callahan, Lundqvist, Kreider, Hagelin, Staal, Girardi...And the list can go on.

  I remember being a kid and watching the Rangers with my Dad. I don't know if this is actually true, but it seemed like they always played on Sunday nights, and I remember watching the games on Sunday nights with my Dad down in our basement. When I was little, it was Esposito, Greschner,the Maloneys, Duguay, and John Davidson in net. Then Mark Pavelich, Beck, Pierre LaRouche, the Beezer. All leading to 1994, when the "Messiah" Mark Messier brought the Stanley Cup back to MSG after a 54 year wait. I watched them win the Cup in a bar in Denver, Colorado with my friend Jack and my future wife's cousin Jon as I moved from Jersey to L.A. I remember that as soon as the time ran out, I went to the pay phone(1994) and called my Dad. He was the person I needed to share it with the most.

  That was 18 years ago. My Dad passed away coming up on 5 years ago, and hockey is still a little bittersweet, but I like to remember those times when I was a kid, watching the games with him.

  I think my all time favorite memory is actually from 1994: It was the eastern Conference Finals against the New Jersey Devils, and it was Game 7,and it was in double overtime... I remember my Dad getting up and announcing"I can't take this" and taking the dog out for a walk. It was such a long suffering Rangers fan moment; we just knew they would find a way to blow this. They didn't, of course: "MATTEAU!!MATTEAU!!"MATTEAU!!"

  But I knew how he felt.

  So, I guess this post became a little bit of memory lane for me.I hope maybe you enjoyed it.

  Let's Go Rangers!!!!!

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