Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's With All These New-Fangled Contraptions?

Is there an old-fangled? Or are things simply fangled or new-fangled?

  I don't really have a point with any of this(SURPRISE!!), I just really like the words new-fangled and contraption. Not sure why, just very fond of those words. No big whoop, you know?

  I'm listening to the Jayhawks right now. I really like the Jayhawks, in case you were wondering. I am talking about the band, by7 the way, not the University of Kansas sports teams mascot. of

  You know what? I think they should change the word mascot to mascoteer. It sounds more cheerful and uplifting, like saying "Necronomicon" instead of "Book of Laws of the Dead".

  I bought a new grill, and I hooked up some speakers to it, so I can play some really annoying music from it, and I'm calling it Grillex.

  I liked "The Avengers"... "Puny God"...heh-heh-heh.

Oh yeah, Happy Flag Day. Kiss a flag today, folks. Show 'em you care.

  Well, that's my time, I best go. Keep your feet on the ground,and keep reaching for the stars.

Oh, and here's a coupla tunes from "Father John Misty" who I am kinda diggin' lately.


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