Friday, January 10, 2014

Um...Hi...My Name Is Paticus...

And, um....This is my blog. I guess I have let it go to the dogs a bit, haven't I? Oops.

  First off, I guess I owe you all a Happy Memorial Day, Happy 4th of July, Happy Arbor Day, Happy Halloween, Happy Labor Day, Happy Thanksgiving(Canadian & American), Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, And Happy New Year !!
  Also, Happy Birthday to those who celebrated since March 29th.

  I really wish that I had some great, dramatic explanation for why I have not blogged in just short of a year, but I don't. I'm just a lazy sack of shit.

  Some stuff did happen- I participated in my first Fantasy Football League- Came in a respectable 4th.

  We got a new kitty, goes by the name of T. Jedward(the T stands for Tennessee). Here's a coupla pictures:

 He's a pretty good guy. We got him because some asshole threw him out of a moving car and he ended up at the vet where we take our dog.

   I did find a weird lump in my armpit in November and had it removed last month. Turned out to be a lypoma. Which to me sounds bad, but is not. So that was a good thing. Scar is healing up nicely.

  My girls are growing up fantastically. I think they get their brains from their Mom, because they are both VERY smart.

 I don't know that I have a lot more to report, but I'm gonna try to blog some more...I think I might even bring back my  Lyric and Movie Quote Games...That okay with youse guys?


*jaime said...

Yes! That is okay!

And I love the picture of Jed chewing on the dog's leg. TOUGH.

Unknown said...

I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!

Paticus said...

*jaime- Jed is definitely bitey.

Jerry- Thank you! And to you as well!!