Wednesday, March 13, 2013


How is everybody?
  I'm doing alright, thanks. I want to thank you for the kind words on the loss of our cat, Fenwick. He was a good guy, and he is sorely missed. I did neglect to mention that he is named after Kevin Bacon's character in Diner, so store that away if you are ever at a Fenwick the cat trivia night at your local watering hole.

  What else can I tell you?

  Oh, I look like this now.

 Like last year, I raised money for St. Baldrick's (they are working to cure childhood cancer) by agreeing to shave my head. In order to up my donations, I also agreed to shave my beard and mustache(which I have not done since October 2000- for a Halloween costume, I was Velma from Scooby Doo), and eventually, also my legs. I raised $2,900.00, so that's not too shabby. You can still donate to my page, so if anyone is so inclined:

   My daughters are Daisys, so I have also been knee deep in Girl Scout cookies, as My Special Lady is the Cookie Mom for the troop. It is both a good and bad thing that one can buy a box of Girl Scout cookies whenever one wants.

  Don't really have a lot else to say. Digging  "The Walking Dead" and "Justified", awaiting "Game of Thrones' and "Mad Men". Listening to a bunch of Izzy Stradlin music.

  How's about youse guys? Hope you're all doing well. I'll leave with a tune from Izzy's first post GnR album, Izzy Stradlin & the Ju Ju Hounds.


Verdant Earl said...

Looking like the Yankees version of Kevin Youkilis. You go, girl!

Paticus said...

Thanks! I think.