Sunday, March 13, 2005

Baaaaaad Ideas

3:04 a.m.- driving home on a nearly deserted Lake Shore Drive with Interpol's "Evil" on repeat...coming home after a 12 hour day dealing with a micromanaged of those weddings where it's not enough that all of these 200 people have come to celebrate our wedding, no that's not enough of a focus on us, let's put a LARGE photo of ourselves in the lobby of the of those weddings where the couple decided: "Let's have the reception in a library, but let's try and make sure that there is nothing that identifies it as a library even remotely present...what a good idea...boy...i'm just in love with love...

'You're weightless, semi-erotic
You need someone to take you there
Sandy, why can't we look the other way"

What a weird drive home...the mind races...this is one of those nights you wish some guy named Charlie owed you 5 large so you could kick in his door at 3 a.m. and pistol whip him...or close his fingers in a you see why i called it "baaaaad ideas"...they abound this evening...i should really probably just go to sleep..or perhaps a walk around the block in my Batman pajamas...

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