Saturday, March 12, 2005

What's This Here Now ?

I don't know what it is...what do you think it is ? Does anyone really care ? Does it even matter ? I mean, really...who gives a rat's ass, huh ? Now hold on just a darned minute, I won't have any of that negative talk..."rat's ass", why do you need to say things like that ? It's crude, it's base, it's just patently unnecessary...I am's that simple...I am ashamed and mortified...I am just beside fact, I think I am going to have to take my leave of you...this "rat's ass" of yours is the last straw, and I hope that it was worth it, I really hope it was, you sure as shit was worth it, you sanctimonious fact, here's a manifestation of just how worth it it was...RAT'S ASS !!! RAT'S ASS !!! RAT'S ASS !!!!...I will scream it from the bloody heavens !!! That is how worthy a phrase it was to me....aaah sweet, sweet rat's ass...I think my first born will be named Rat's Ass has nice ring, don't it ? Peace "rat's ass" out !!!

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