Sunday, March 06, 2005

Elvis Costello Is My Co-Pilot...

1:27 a.m. CST- 3/6/2005-Lake Shore Drive, Chicago Illinois

"While you lie in the dark, afraid to breathe and
you beg and you promise
And you bargain and you plead
Sometimes you confuse me with Santa Claus
It's the big white beard I suppose" (God's Comic-Elvis Costello)

Hmmm...the left lane is for PASSING, jackass...sure are a lotta cabs on the road...that's all that's out here...cabbies and drunks...and me...

"There's a dapper little man
And he wears a wax mustache
That he twists with nicotine fingers
As he drops his cigarette ash" (Little Palaces-Elvis Costello.)

cigarettes....boy I miss those....especially driving early in the morning...or driving mid day...or walking in the early afternoon...or sitting in the evening...or standing in the late morning...or...

"The 'New Bruise' was the name of a dance craze
By 'Jesus Cross and the Cruel Nails' " (How To Be Dumb-Elvis Costello)

Almost tired...almost time to perk right back up and make sleep impossible...perhaps Tivo will have recorded something nice for me to watch...and not another episode of "Golden Girls"...why does it think I would like "Golden Girls" ?...Is it the premature gray ? Should I invest in some of Maxim magazines' hair dye ?...oh well, I'll just have to think about that tomorrow...

" Don't you know how to be dumb ?
Are you ready to take your place in
the modern museum of mistakes ?
Don't you know how to be dumb ?
Like a building thrown up overnight
in one of those reverse earthquakes" ( How To Be Dumb- Elvis Costello)

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