Saturday, March 05, 2005

"The trick is to first control the snout..."(or : next stop Florida !!!!)

That's right friends, in a scant 9 or 10 months, yours truly will be shufflin' off to Florida. I have finally decided to pursue my life-long dream and become a Gator Rassler !! Whooooooo-Boy !!! Since I was a young boy in the "swamps of Jersey"(thanks, Bruce) I have dreamed of rasslin' gators. I would rassle all of the neighborhood animals, but squirrels and dogs and cats really only offer so much of a my dream was put on hold...but no longer...sure the cover story for the move is that the wife got some great job at Florida State University that she richly deserves, but that's really just a sidebar to my resuming my Gator Rasslin' dreams !!! I'm already workin' on my persona- I think I'm gonna call myself "The Dentist", and my signature final move will be to hog tie the gator with dental floss--pretty kick-ass, huh ? You bet it is. I'm still deciding whether or not I should wear a mask, or a bodysuit, or maybe just tights, I'm open to suggestions is gonna kick so much ass, it's gonna be like the MONSTERS OF ROCK tour in '84 !!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
You better watch yer backs gators, the Dentist is coming, and you boys ain't been brushing !!!


Feral Mom said...
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Feral Mom said...

oops. What I meant to say was, rassle them gators!
We'll miss you guys.

love, feral mom and family