Wednesday, April 13, 2005

On Second Thought, I Think I'll Avoid The Deserted Island Altogether first of all, as I thought would be the case, I have already come up with another album I would need to have on a desert island: Sparkle And Fade by Everclear, a band that i have liked less and less with each subsequent record, but who I feel really got something right with this one. I have listened to it 10 or 11 times in the last couple of days- I think it gets better with every listen. I'm sure I'll come up with more albums, too- I mean, I have no Warren Zevon on the list, no Zappa, no Jackson Browne, no Steve Earle, no Sinatra, only 2 Grateful Dead records...that settles it, no going to a deserted island for me...I mean, sure it would be fun and all..but I'm just not hip to restricting my music collection by that much-it just doesn't make any sense...that, and the fact that I'm very fair skinned, I practically burn at the MENTION of the sun...I'm not big into seafood, I don't really like vegetables, i have no discernible survival skills at all...I cry easily...I don't like to go too long without a VO5 Hot Oil Treatment for my hair...I just think it would be best if desert islands and I keep our distance form each other...pjb


Anonymous said...

Abandoning the deserted island thing is probably a good idea. I would think it would be hard to lug around 23+ CDs when you're all scurvy.


Feral Mom said...

I disagree. A desert island is an GREAT idea. Sleep 'til noon, then put on the tunes? No babies/cats to wake me? No professional responsibilities? I say, so the fuck what I can only bring a couple, twenty-three CDs?

Sounds like paradise to me.

lauren said...

Forget the CDs! Think the batteries man!

Paticus said...

Batteries ? But from Gilligan's Island I learned that everyting can be run on coconut juice !! Has television misled me again ? Alas, first I find out that there is no "Gotham City" and now I find out that the power of the coconut was a myth as well ? How much can I be expected to take ?