Sunday, April 10, 2005

Nothin's Shakin' On Shakedown Street....

I don't even know that I have anything to say this late night/early morning, but I think this is like a glass of warm milk or something, it makes it easier to go to sleep...did you know that Dr. Suess wrote "green Eggs And Ham" after someone bet him that he could not write a book using only 50 different words ? Isn't that crazy ? Jeopardy taught me that.. I haven't counted to see if he won the guess is he did...he is Dr. Suess after all...what else is there...the Mets lost again today..I can't believe I almost have to give up on the baseball season and it's not even a week old yet...but I'll hang in there...they'll turn it around...Saw Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard the other night...pretty good show...odd pairing, but it was good...Bob sang "I'll Remember You" from Empire Burlesque, one of my personal favorite songs of his...that was nice of him to do that for me...Merle played "Okie From Muskogie" and it still amazes me that people think that that song is serious, that he's not being's see here...gas sure is expensive, huh ?...I really like Cheet-os...the puffed kind, I don't like the crunchy as much...I think that maybe it's time to go to sleep...later- pjb


elizabeth said...

dear patrick,

this has absolutely nothing to do with any of your recent posts, but i thought of you and your blog this morning when i had a MASSIVE REVELATION whilst driving to Hyde Park. that's right, i have suddenly figured out exactly what the deal is with people who drive SUV's - IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT!!! apparently, SUV's come standard with neither turn signals nor mirrors. in addition to these considerable handicaps, people who drive SUV's also must sign a contract at the moment of purchase stating that, above all else, they vow to be a COMPLETE asshole while on the road.

i feel so much better now that i have figured this out. my hostility is swiftly waning. anyway, i thought you might like to know this amazing fact.

thank you for listening,

Paticus said...

I am always happy to host revelations, epiphanies, holy apparitions, saints appearing in food, anything of that nature...I want Sandwich Flats to be a revelatory playground !!Thank you fer sharing !