Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Desert Island Discs

Okay, so I suppose that the frickin' I-Pod has made this discussion topic moot, but I am in the mood for flinging some opinions, and dangnabbit, fling I will !!!
I was listening to Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan this afternoon(actually, I am still listening to it now) and I began to think about what my favorite albums are...and since we have already discussed that I believe my opinions are of fantastic importance and should, nay, MUST be shared, I decided to come up with a list of "Desert Island Discs" or the albums I would need if stranded on a desert island. My first thought was of 10, but why 10 ? That's an arbitrary number, I'm gonna go with a DIFFERENT arbitrary number, so here are the 22 albums I would want on a deserted island with me, and for the CD burning generation, I'm gonna throw in a 23rd disc that is a mix of songs I would burn for myself. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you will share your choices for such a list>

In No Particular Order:

1. Blood On The Tracks- Bob Dylan
Just a fantastic album. Good music, good lyrics, one of the all time kissoff songs in "Idiot Wind". I can listen to "Tangled Up In Blue" forever.

2. Electric Warrior- T.Rex
Great record. "Life's a Gas" and "Cosmic Dancer" in particular.

3. Weezer- Weezer(Blue Album)
As I have typed before- WEEZER ROCKS !!!!!!!!

4. Live Rust- Neil Young
Aaaaaaah...Neil.....the voice of an angel...

5. Europe '72- Grateful Dead

6. Exile On Main Street- Rolling Stones
Tough to choose just one Stones album, but this one is pretty close to perfect.

7. Darkness On The Edge Of Town- Bruce Springsteen
Brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooce !!!!!!!!

8. The Harder They Come Soundtrack-Various Artists
Great reggae record...i tried to watch the movie, but I couldn't understand what anyone was saying.

9. The Velvet Underground-The Velvet Underground
I think "After Hours" is their finest moment.

10. Trace- Son Volt
I know everyone is all up in Wilco's ass, but I still think this record is better than anything Wilco OR Uncle Tupelo has done.

11. American Beauty- Grateful Dead
Greatest record by the

12.The Beatles(White Album)-The Beatles
I think I legally HAD to include a Beatles album

13. London Calling- The Clash
Nuff said...

14. Songs In The Key Of Springfield-The Simpsons Cast
How could I survive without "Oh Streetcar!!" ?

15. Rocket To Russia- The Ramones
1...2...3...4...nuff said

16. At San Quentin- Johnny Cash
Hello....I'm Johnny Cash

17. King Of America- The Costello Show(Featuring Elvis Costello)
"He thought he was the King of America, where they pour Coca-Cola just like vintage wine..."

18. Bella Donna- Stevie Nicks
What can I say...I'm a sucker for the whole mystical witch thing...

19. Parallel Lines- Blondie
I just love it.

20. Sticky Fingers- Rolling Stones
Okay, so I couldn't pick just one.

21. World Without Tears- Lucinda Williams
LUCINDA KICKS ASS !!!!!!!...and breaks hearts..

22. Desperate-Divinyls
Loooooong before "I Touch Myself" this band actually kicked some major ass !!

23.* "I Have Misplaced My Pants..." A Desert Island Mix
1. Outdoor Type- Lemonheads
2. Evil- Interpol
3. Santa Monica- Everclear
4. Standing On The Moon-Grateful Dead
5. Not Dark Yet- Bob Dylan
6. Fall On Me- R.E.M.
7. American Girl- Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
8. Thunder Road- Bruce Springsteen
9. Little Wing- Jimi Hendrix
10. Tell Mama- Janis Joplin
11. The Weight- The Band
12. I'm Only Sleeping- The Beatles
13. Suspicious Minds- Elvis Presley
14. Moonshiner- Uncle Tupelo
15. Redemption Song- Bob Marley And The Wailers
16. Me And Paul- Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash
17. Road To Nowhere- Talking Heads
18. Memory Motel- Rolling Stones
19. American Pie- Don McLean
20. Last Goodbye- Jeff Buckley
21. Life's A Gas- Ramones
22. The Piano Has Been Drinking- Tom Waits

so there you have it. I hope you enjoy my opinions as much as I do.
Man, I do love my own voice don't I ? Well, someone has to.
Later- pjb


Feral Mom said...

May I be the first to type it? Wilco (other than the excellent A.M. SUCKS) !!!
heart, the Luddite

Paticus said... mustn't say that out loud, you are liable to get your "alternative" membership card revoked !! Such opinions are not to be stated so clearly !! That Wilco is very powerful, why do you think they have "co" in their title ? They are like one of the law firms in Grisham's books..they can make our lives very easy...or very difficult...OR...very catch my drift ? You must be careful...I said what I said because they have already gotten to me...I was at a party and the wrong person overheard me make a disparaging remark about Mermaid Avenue II, and I soon found myself cornered in a parking garage by two tattooed gentlemen in flannel and a heavily pierced young lady in an ironic schoolgirl's outfit...they informed me of my infraction, and then injectd a syringe full of micro-robots into my neck..these robots are slowly eating away at my internal organs...and in a few year's time, I will cease to exist...but you must go on...spread the word, but be careful about it...for the love of all that is careful !!-pjb

Paticus said...

Um...hey...I would like to take this opportunity my previous statement...I was not actually accosted in a parking garage by the three people that I mentioned earlier...that was a lie on my part...probably a bit of leftover hallucination from some acid laced Sunny Delight I accidentally drank at a church social Sunday evening...I don't know what I was thinking...Wilco is certainly not evil...I must have really been "trippin'" as the kids say, to think such a thing...and what are "micro-robots" anyway ? That must have been some gooooood microdot they put in that popular citrus beverage...again, I'm sure that Wilco is a very benevolent corpo...ouch, my hand...i mean a very benevolent band...there is absolutely NO basis for those false and hurtful charges I hurled their way...and believe you me, it is simply a coincidence that this change of heart...I mean restatement of fact...comes after I accidentally closed my hand in the car door a half a dozen times...and that IS what happened, I was very, very clumsy...and there is no telling what sort of outlandish claims I might make under the influence of pain medication for the three broken fingers and various other broken bones in my right hand(or my "mistress" as I like to call it), in closing...Wilco is our friend...go out and buy Yankee Hotel Foxtrot...and if I do happen to "cease to exist " in the near future as I stated in my previous can be sure it was do to my obesity or perhaps the diabetes...but certainly it would not be any doing of my fried Wilco....thanks for listening...pjb

jaime said...

Weird. Willie was just going through a very heavy Elvis Costello phase recently and I made the insane claim that side 1 of "King of America" is one of my favorite album sides of all time. If I had to live life on a desert island without "Indoor Fireworks" that life would not be worth living.

So anyways, nice pick, Patrick!

Feral Mom said...

And now Tweety's writing poetry. Yeah, I'll say it! You were cooler playing bass for Uncle Tup--Gaaaaaaaah!
[quiet whimpering]

Paticus said...

They got you too ? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAMN YOU WILCO !!!!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d.edlen said...

Hope you read old comments, er, I mean new comments on old posts, yeah, that.

You've got some kick-ass taste. I just painted Debbie Harry awhile ago on Parallel Lines. Anyway, wondered if you wanted to throw your fav five currently up on my post: