Monday, May 02, 2005

Beggars Let Sticky Exile Banquet It Fingers on Bleed Main Street

In what very well maybe the most shining(or glaring depending on your point of view) example of "Patrick having too much time on his hands"(this blog being one example, my rendering of a 3-D Mel Torme in rice being another), yesterday afternoon, I took "Let It Bleed" ,"Beggars Banquet", "Sticky Fingers", and "Exile On Main Street" what I consider to be their four greatest records(and 4 of the greatest records in rock history period), all released in a 4 year span in the late 60's/early 70's, and strung them together over 3 CD's, alternating songs from each record. So, the first four songs are :

Sympathy For The Devil
Gimme Shelter
Brown Sugar
Rocks Off

...And it continues from there. Now, those of you who haven't already stopped reading and who know the four albums in question are no doubt thinking that "Exile" has about twice as many songs as the other 3, and you are right. And now you're probably wondering how I dealt with such a curveball, eh ? Well, what I did was, once the other albums ran out of songs, I just started putting one song from an album in between the "Exile" songs, like so:

Sympathy For The Devil
Turd On The Run
Brown Sugar
Ventilator Blues
Love In Vain

And so on...Gimme Shelter had already been used a second time as "Let It Bleed" ran out of songs before the others.
Anyhoo, the result, I think is pretty cool.I suppose I have to think that it's pretty cool though, because if I thought it sucked it would go from being a waste of time to being a colossally ridiculous waste of time of unmatched stupidity. So, that's what I did with my abundance of free time, and I might try another one. I'm open to any suggestions...Anyone ?...Anyone ?...And if anyone would like to hear the results of this, let me know.

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