Monday, May 30, 2005

Drivin' With My Morning Jacket...

...on rpt...
" wakin' up feelin good and limber
when the telephone it ring
was a bad man from california
tellin of a stone he'd bring "- My Morning Jacket

The puking was back at the Blueberry !!!!! Whoo-Hoo !!!! But at least tonight it was in the toilet...and maybe in a garbage can...I was afraid to look...but the toilet one I'm sure of...because I walked into the bathroom, and the bathroom appeared empty, except for a shirt and tie on the chair that is for some reason always in the bathroom(i have never understood why-who wants to hang out in there ?)...just as I was commenting to myself that the shirt and tie were an odd thing to see, I heard it "Bleeagch...uh...uh...bleaaagch..." that was enough for me, and I was on my way...shortly thereafter, I was walking along the hallway, minding my own business(actually, that's not true, I guess part of my job is minding other people's business, isn't it ?)...I was walking along the hallway, minding other people's business, when I heard a crash at the bottom of the stairs, I rushed to the scene, only to witness someone picking up the garbage can(the very same can that had been so violated LAST week) and placing it next to a rather green looking young soon as I saw they had removed the top of the can, I moved along, I didn't want to know the rest...

" and of better days
from this ytown we'd escape
if we holler loud and make our way
we'd all live one big holiday" - My Morning Jacket

Anyhoo, peace y'all...try the shrimp scampi...


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