Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Is My Nose Bleeding ?...I Just Got Tagged

Okay, so I just got tagged by a fellow blogger at Gone Feral, it's called a "meme" which is apprently a survey/chainletter, I am supposed to answer these questions and then "tag" other bloggers I know to answer the same questions...This creates a bit of a Catch -22 for me...I am honored to be tagged, but i have no one to tag...I am very blogunpopular...but i will soldier on, and answer the questions...and I suppose if anyone who reads the blog wants to answer the questions, please do so in the comment section...

1. Total Volume Of Music Files On My Computer: Loud.

2. The Last Cd I Bought: Cold Roses- Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

3. Song Playing Right Now: "Little Wing"- Derek & The Dominoes

4. Five Songs I Listen To A Lot Or That Mean A Lot To Me:

A. Standing On The Moon- Grateful Dead : First dance at my wedding, "our song". Saw them perform an absolutely transcendant version at Madison Square Garden in 1993.

B. Memory Motel - The Rolling Stones: The song that made me reconsider the Stones, a band I had very little use for before hearing this song. I remember the first time I heard it: driving through Tenafly, New Jersey in my best friends' car on a Sunday afternoon, on the way to Lazzarra's, probably to buy some smokes. The song almost always puts me back in that car. The rest is history.

C. Thunder Road- Bruce Springsteen : Endless possibility.

D. In Dreams - Roy Orbison : Both achingly beautiful and (thanks to David Lynch) eternally creepy.

E. These Days - Jackson Browne: Has one of my favorite lines ever " Don't confront me with my failures, I had not forgotten them"

There you have it. I have done my duty. Sorry I can't tag anyone.


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