Sunday, June 05, 2005

Greg Dulli is my co-pilot...Uh-oh...

"Whatever did happen to your soul ?
I heard you sold it
To some old boy who lived uptown
Who could afford it
So what's gonna happen to you now ?
Therapy....The pharmacy
That's what you'd like to believe
But it ain't easy
When you're goin' crazy
Over the rainbow "- Crazy- Afghan Whigs

Here are a few tips to the drivers on LSD tonight...PASS ON THE LEFT...THE FAR RIGHT LANE IS FOR ENTERING AND EXITING, NOT MOSEYING ALONG IN YOUR FUCKING JEEP...THE FAR LEFT LANE IS THE FAST LANE(if you haven't heard of it, pick up a copy of the Eagles' Greatest Hits Volume II)...Oh the road rage was practically a passenger tonight...Nearly a palpable entity in the car with me, egging me on..."Just get a little closer...Scare 'em a little..C'mon, all the cool kids do it...What bad could come of it ?"...Then...

"Baby see how I been living
Velvet curtains on the windows to
keep the bright and unforgiving
Light from shining through

Baby, I remember all those things we did
When we slept together
In the blue behind your eyelids
Baby, sweet baby " - Fruits Of My Labor- Lucinda Williams

It was suddenly all better...Thank you Lucinda...

No pukers tonight at the Bluberry, but lots of drunkards...Some who simply could not understand why one shouldn't sit on a glass topped table... Oh the innocence...Well, I should really retire to my bed, as I need to do it all again in 12 hours...Aahh, the beauty of love...

By the way, today is one of those days I think of when a Chicagoan will remark(upon hearing of my future relocation to Florida)..."Boy, are you ready for that heat ?"....Yeah, because summers in Chicago are regular iceboxes...Jiminy Christmas, I felt like I was WEARING AIR today..."Great googly moogly"-as the brilliant Frank Zappa once said...Okay, my brain is feeling warped...goodnight all...

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