Monday, June 06, 2005

" Could You Make This Look Less Library-esque ?"

Question; If you don't like libraries, why the FUCK get married in one ? What exactly is the point of renting out the Blueberry Library for your event and then essentially netralizing it's librariness ? "Oh yeah, that info station, could we get rid of that ? Is ther anyway to remove the books from the library for the afternoon ? Could we change the sign out front to read the Blueberry Pancake House ? " Okay, I'm exaggerating, but if you find so much to be unpleasant about the visual reality of the library, why have your wedding there ? Go get married in a flower shop or a linen store, that's what you want to cover the place in anyway...Take your ass to Bed, Bath & Beyond, people can buy your gift on the way to the ceremony !!

Did that sound bitter ?

Okay, so the wedding was a nightmare, but they ended EARLY, god bless 'em...And I got to hang out with a cupcake...I also wore a new pair of diabetic socks(no, the socks don't have diabetes, they're made special for feets with diabetes) and man, were my feets awash in comfort !! Whoo-hee, they felt like the Queen of England herself...Speaking of Queens, a very Happy Queen's Birthday on Monday to our Kiwi friends( are New Zealanders called Kiwis ? I think they are)..Anyway, Monday is Queen's Birthday day in New Zealand...Have a scepter on me, mates... Watched "The Wild One" with Marlon Brando today, so i finally got to actually see one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie exchanges: Girl: "What are you rebellin' against, Johnny ?"
Johnny: "Whaddya got ? " That was kickass !!!!

I don't know that i have much else to say, except thati heard Leona Naess' "Ballerina" on the way home-Beautiful song.
I think it's time for bed.
Nighty Night all.


Jen said...

has anyone ever asked if Walter's bust can be moved?

elizabeth said...

i am really sorry i have never worked at one of the weddings where they hang fabric or draperies or whatever it is from the ceiling. i'm so curious about how they do it, and what it looks like. i can't imagine it would look very good.

Paticus said...

Sorry, i have been a bit out of touch here, to answer the question- Yes, I have had at least one request to move Walter, and several to cover him up in fabric-all have been denied.
Elizabeth- You're suspicion is correct- it is much ado about nothing-the lobby of the Blueberry is actually pretty nice if it doesn't have the misfortune of doubkling for you as a sort of prison, and all the draperies and such just genericize it. Hey, I think I just invented a word- Call Websters !!!