Thursday, June 16, 2005

Publicity Juggernaut

The heat is gone...the public perception of my personal life is almost've gotta turn this thing Special Lady and I need to get out there and start shakin' it...we need to get our relationship buzz back...and I have figured out how...up until now, we have been known publicly as...Pat n Jen, or Jen n Pat, or Patrick and Jennifer, or What is she doing with that Sasquatch...but no longer, from this day forward, we will be the publicity juggernaut known as...Jentrick.


elizabeth said...

I am still trying to keep up with Tom and Katie.. I don't know if I can handle another powercouple... but I'll try, Jentrick! You guys are great.

PS Look at my fake school web page below... it's a blast.

elizabeth said...

ok, not "below"... i didn't realize i would be clickable.. :)

Paticus said...

Very cool site. I tried to send in my info, but it was giving me all these warnings that made me uneasy...or maybe it's the crystal meth that's making me uneasy...either way, is it possible to book a walking tour of the Yukon through TripSmart ? I would be willing to pay handsomely.