Saturday, June 25, 2005

"When the rockin' rollin' music meets the risin' shinin' sun...

" God way up in heaven, for whatever it was worth
Thought he'd have a big old party, thought he'd call it planet Earth
Don't worry about tomorrow. Lord, you'll know it when it comes
When the rockin' rollin music meets the risin' shinin' sun"
- One More Saturday Night- Grateful Dead

1:43 a.m. driving along LSD with the good old Grateful Dead(aka the Just Exactly Perfect Brothers Band)

This woman in front of me must be driving one of those new Ford Looms...Cuz she is WEAVING !! Ha- Ha !! Three lanes at once. YIKES !!!!!!!!!
Alomst saw tow cars crash sideways into each other- one passed a car on the left, one on the right, and they almost met in front--sorta Larry and Moe-esque- all at about 80 MPH

" Everybody's dancing down at the local armory
With a basement full of dynamite and live artillery
Temperature keeps risin', everybody gettin' high
Come the rockin' stroke of midnight, the whole place is gonna fly"
- One More Saturday Night-Grateful Dead

How can a wedding at the Old Blueberry end at 11:30, and I'm still there at 1:30 ? Jiminy Christmas these caterers were slow !!
Though the wedding did feature a chocolate fountain...You read right... A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN !! Man, in my pre-diabetic days, I probably would have shoved my whole head in that thing. But I was good, and chose to avoid the coma...

" I had to move
Really had to move
That's why, if you please
I am on my bended knees
Bertha, don't you come around here anymore" - Bertha- Grateful Dead

The meal was good- beef tenderloin with a horseradish suace and au gratin potatoes...Mmm...Mmmm...good !!
The bust of Walter wore a football jersey tonight- very stylish.Even better than in the santa hat and scarf.

"Ran into a rainstorm
Ducked back into a bar door
It's all night pouring
But not a drop on me
Test me test me
Why don't you arrest me ?
Throw me in the jailhouse
Until the sun goes down
Till it go down"- Bertha - Grateful Dead

Okay, I think we've all had enough- sleep well crimestoppers !!

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