Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Because Jentrick CARES....

Yes we do....Jentrick cares big time, my friends...That is why we are working so hard to eradicate this plague upon our society...And eradicate it we will...I was shocked when I learned that there are no groups already in existence battling this scourge...But I suppose that is one of the reasons that Jentrick has come into existence(besides the undying love and blah blah blah)...To fix the world...Because whom is more suited to fix the evils of the world then a couple with a cleverly combined co-moniker ? I can think of no one...Wouldn't Mother Theresa and Ghandi been an even greater force for good in the world if they had hooked up and become Gandheresa ? Or Therandi ? I certainly think they would have...Now we will never know...But fortunately, the world has been blessed with Jentrick...And we will do our part...So this is our announcement of our formation of a organization to rid the world of...Asparagus Pee Syndrome...Thats' right, we have assembled a group of scientists who believe that they can isolate the reason that asparagus makes your pee smell funny, and do away with it...Can world peace be far behind ? I think not...Until those scientists have completed their work, the APS Society will also put money towards shorter term remedies, such as urethral mints...perfumed pee sheaths...and many other top secret products...Will you join the fight against APS ? Stay tuned to Sandwich Flats, the official APS Society and Jentrick headquarters for further information and updates on the APS Society's progress...Good night...and may your urine just smell like urine

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