Thursday, July 14, 2005

Summer Television

okay...I am a lifelong disciple of television...I am not ashamed by it...I don't feel the need to pretend I don't watch TV, or that I only watch PBS...Fuck that...I fucking LOOOOOOOVE television !!! Some of our friends bought us a TiVO as a wedding present, and I don't know how I survived without it...It is the greatest thing EVER...Fuck sliced bread !!!
Having admitted all that, I would like to share some of the shows I have recently begun watching(or re-watching) and maybe throw in a few long time favorites...

Catscratch: a great new cartoon about 3 cats who had a very rich owner who passed away and left everything to the cats. There's Waffle(the dumb one- voiced by Kevin MacDonald from the Kids In the Hall), Mr. Blik(the "brains"- voiced by Wayne Knight{Newman from Seinfeld}) and Gordon Quid(the Scottish one- I'm not sure who does the voice, but it was not a name I recognized). I have only seen a few episodes, but it is hilarious so far. The cats have flown to the moon to get moon rocks so that Mr. Blik can make the ultimate BBQ ribs and win the Rib cooking contest(he won Worst Ribs- which he still saw as a victory), Waffle has been tricked by a mouse into believing that Gordon and Mr. Blik are really mice, and Gordon has revealed his infatuation with "human Kimberley" the little girl next door. it's Great !! It's either on Nickelodeon or The Cartoon Network. Thanks to TiVo, I'm not exatcly sure WHEN it's normally on, but i think it's Friday night.

Wonder Showzen: Twisted twisted twisted...This is a twisted program...It looks like a kids show(a la Sesame Street) with puppets and kids...but it is definitely NOT a kids show...They have kid reporters go out on the street and interview people, and they sent one kid to Wall Street, and he kept asking "How many people have you exploited today ?"...There's also this blue puppet that does street interviews, and he was having people talk about the importance of free speech, and then he kept interrupting them...and he was also hassling runners and asking them what they were running from ? The truth ? Love ?...It's hard for me to do it justice, you really should see it...Some of it gets kinda gross(the cartoons, in particular-one is a bout a duck that can travel through time by climbing into his own ass) but it's also pretty funny...It's on MTV2, and the times seem REALLY RANDOM....

Family Ties: okay, so this one is really old, but METV( Channel 223 in Chicago) has just started showing the reruns, and it is REALLY funny !! It's corny too, and the endings are almost always sappy and ridiculous, but it's a pretty good ride getting there...The father in particular is one of the all time great sitcom characters, I think...

The Surreal Life: Train wreck television, plain and simple...I can't watch, but I dare not look away !!

DeGrassi The Next Generation: Okay, this one has been on for a few years, but they just started a new season, and there's already a gonnorhea outbreak !! That kicks ass !! It will never match the original DeGrassi Junior High/DeGrassi High, but it does the original proud....It's on a channel called Noggin or The N.

The 4400 : This is in it's second season, but i just started watching it...It's about these 4400 people that were all abducted by aliens over the last 60 years or so, and then all returend at once, at the same age they were when they were abducted. And now some of them(most actually) have special powers-It's pretty kick ass...It's on Sunday nights on the USA Network.

Okay, that's all I can think of. I'm sure there will be an addendum or two.

Enjoy !!!

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