Wednesday, August 31, 2005

From Hell...

Did anyone see Letterman last night(Tuesday) ? Richard Lewis was on, and the man is completely insane, and quite possibly the funniest living human being on the planet. He's definitely on the short list of greatest standups of all time( Carlin, Pryort Hicks,Kinison, Rock, Dangerfield, there are more I'm sure I'm forgetting. Feel free to add.) He also claims to be the creator of the phrase "...from Hell." As in, "This was the date from hell", etc. I think he might be telling the truth. But It doesn't much matter, he's brilliantly funny.
Also, he's a regular on "Cyrb Your Enthusiasm"- One of the funniest television shows EVER-which returns on September 25th. Whoo- Hoo !!!!!


*jaime said...

however i think maybe Richard has a gambling problem from hell, too. how else to explain his stint as a recurring character on "7th Heaven"??

Paticus said...

Really ? I didn't know he was on there. What does he play ?

Jen said...

Or more importantly, was it "a very special episode"

Paticus said...

But aren't they all "special episodes" ?

*jaime said...

Um, I'm a little embarrassed outing myself as a former 7th Heaven viewer here, but oh well:

the oldest son on the show falls in love with a Jewish girl (GASP), and they get married after knowing each other for like 2 weeks (because he's uber-Christian, and still a virgin at age 25, so he's excited to finally get some lawfully wedded action).

Anyway, it turns out that wackily enough the girl's dad is a Rabbi (the dad of 7th Heaven is some kind of non-denominational Protestant minister). The Rabbi dad is played by Richard and he is not happy about the non-Jewish son in law. And he hates Rev. Camden, which is awesome. Until they make friends, which is not awesome at all.

Oh, and his wife is played by Laraine Newman. I don't think he appears anymore, but he was a recurring guest star for quite a while.

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