Thursday, August 18, 2005

" Notice Anything Different About Me ?"

Well, do you ? Over the last couple of days, have you noticed a change in my demeanor ? Do I seem more confident, maybe ? More take charge ? More in control of my own destiny ? Well, I certainly feel that way, and there is a very simple explanation...For the last eight days or so, I have been using Degree Ultra Dry Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant For Men !!! That's right !! It's called Extreme Blast, and it's "body responsive", man, is it EVER body responsive. I truly believe that due to the power of the "Extreme Blast ", my underarms are actually afraid to sweat !!! It is unbelievably powerful. I put it on when I am fresh out of the shower, and I feel like I am releasing the 19th Cavalry on my pits, I have actually started adding a little bugle charge to my bathroom routine. I tell you, with the power of the "Extreme Blast" in my pits, NOTHING can stop me.Why, I even recently successfully poached a salmon, and I usually can't even boil water !!! Thank you Degree Ultra Dry, you magnificent anti-perspirant !!!

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