Sunday, August 21, 2005

" Tumblin' And Rollin' On Lake Shore Drive"

"Always in a hurry
Never stop to worry
Don't you see the time flashing by
Honey, got no money
I'm all sixes and sevens and nines" - "Tumbling Dice"- Rolling Stones

Okay, first things first- I had one of the great scientific minds of our time behind me on the road this early Sunday morning- you folks need to keep an eye out in the scientific journals or the Discovery Channel or something, because this dude had apparently harnessed the light of our beloved sun, and placed it on the front of his motorcycle- Flying Christ on Toast was this thing fucking bright !!!! I'm STILL seeing afterimages...

"I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you've decided to show me the same
No sweeping exits or offstage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind" - Wild Horses- Rolling Stones

This is simply one of the most beautiful songs EVER

" I know I've dreamed you a sin and a lie
I have my freedom but I don't have much time
Faith has been broken, tears must be cried
Let's do some living after we die

Wild horses, couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses, we'll ride them someday"- Wild Horses- Rolling Stones

Call me a sucker, call me an eternal optimist, but I am excited for the new Rolling Stones record. TRULY excited.

"I am just livin to be lying by your side,
But I'm just about a moonlight mile on down the road" - Moonlight Mile- Rolling Stones

I think "Moonlight Mile" might just be the perfect song for the 1 a.m.-ish ride on Lake Shore Drive.

If you folks are not watching "Stella" on Comedy Central, you really should be. It's a show with three ex-members of The State(maybe the funniest sketch show EVER) and it's really, really funny, and gets funnier every week. Check it out, I say !!

" I need someone I can cry to
I need someone to protect
Making love and breaking hearts
It is a game for youth
But I'm not waiting on a lady
I'm just waiting on a friend"- Waiting On A Friend- Rolling Stones

Pretty uneventful event at the old Blueberry this evening. I thought we might be in for some magic, because these folks could put away the al-kee-hol, but no fireworks, no puking- though it was a new experience in that i recognized exactly 2 songs played at the party- one was "Push It" by Salt -n- Pepa, and the other was the "Mexican Hat Dance"( and all night, I heard Homer Simpson in my head- " I dance, I dance, I dance, around the mexican hat. I dance, I dance, I dance, and that's the end of that...Or is it, I guess I'll keep singing, my cell phone appears to be ringing")and I don't know whether that shows just how old I am or what- I mean, I think part of it was the fact that there was a mariachi band, and I am NOT well versed in mariachi music- but before you start asking, there was also a DJ, and he played Salt-N-Pepa, not the mariachi band.
Tonight also marked the return of a friend I had not seen in a year or so, and it was fantastic to see her again !!

"Angels beating all their wings in time
With smiles on their faces
And a gleam right in their eyes
Thought I heard one sigh for you
Come on up, come on up now
Come on up, now

May the good lord shine a light on you
Make every song you sing your favorite tune
May the good lord shine a light on you
Warm like the evening sun"- Shine A Light- Rolling Stones

I really like Cheetos Puffs, don't give me the crunchy ones, I like the Puffs, and don't even get me srtared on those demon spawned "Twisted" Cheetos- just keep them the hell away from me altogether.

Well, I think I have taken up a lot of space and said very little. My work here is done. Sleep well, crimestoppers....Try the figgy pudding...


annie said...

apparently the new stones album will have some decidedly anti-shrub tunes, or at least one. i saw some of the lyrics... not bad for a bunch of grandpas.

Paticus said...

Yeah, that's what I heard, I also heard that Mick and Keith actually wrote songs together for the first time in like 30 years...I'm pretty jazzed for it.Have you heard about the Grateful Dead's mega 10 disc release of the Fillmore run in '69 ?