Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mixin' It Up On The Drive

New moth tonight/this morning, quite small, not very threatening...

"I'm speeding south on 99
When the manifold started smokin'
I ran her off the shoulder
And now the axel's broken
It made a sound that cracked my heart in half
And with only half a half pint of vodka left"- Studebaker- Jordan Zevon

Pretty uneventful event tonight at the Blueberry, HOWEVER, there was a Frank Sinatra impersonator who sang at the reception, and then he sat at a table and pined over an Ava Gardner impersonator- very authentic. Also heard Journey's "Don't Stop Believin':" at a wedding reception for what I believe was the first time- I'm sorry, but I fucking LOVE that song.

I saw "Sin City" last night- very cool flick. Check it out. Pretty bloody- you've been warned.

"Femme fatales emerged from shadows
To watch this creature fair
Boys stood upon their chairs
To make their point of view
I smiled sadly for a love I could not obey
And lady stardust sang his songs
Of darkness and dismay" Lady Stardust- David Bowie

So they have a new show called "Battle Of The Network Reality Stars" and I will admit that I watch it, but someone needs to bring back the original "Battle Of The Network Stars", either in reruns or on DVD or something. That show was "frickin' awesome" to quote Carl from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"

" I dream of cherry pies,
Candy bars and chocolate chip cookies
We used to microwave
No we just eat nuts and berries
This was a discount store
Now it's turned into a cornfield
Don't leave me standing here
I can't get used to this lifestyle" (Nothing But) Flowers- Talking Heads

Has anyone seen the ads for "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"- Jeezum Crow that movie looks creepy !!

"So don't build your world around me
And don't hold me tight
'Cause I could get used to your vision of paradise" Vision Of Paradise- Mick Jagger

I need some help, crimestoppers, and I know you won't let me down: Here's the deal: The DJ tonight ended the evening with "Last Dance" by Donna Summer(HORRIBLY original), and while I was listening to it, I suddenly remembered it being the last song in a movie, and the frame freezing on someone dancing as the song ends, but I cannot for the life of me remember the movie or actually picture the person in the freeze frame- is this familiar to anyone ? Can someone help me out ?

Well, I should go to bed, I got to be back at the Blueberry in 10 hours or so...

good night, crimestoppers, try the mango salsa on a Ritz cracker....
Now it


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lauren said...

...the fuck?

Um, I think they used it in one of the Charlie's Angels movies?