Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dick's Picks Volume 36, The Boss On Sirius...And Those Vengeful Sith !!

'Sup, Dawgs !!!!
Okay, that's as far as that will go...I just though I would take this quiet eleven seconds to rap about some things I am digging right now...
First off, I would like to thank my friend c2 for pointing me in the direction of "Everybody Hates Chris"...I was a little scared of the MEGAHYPE this new situation comedy was getting, but she told me it was funny, and trusting her judgment, I checked it out...And it is FUNNY !! I mean HILARIOUS !! Check it out, my friends, you will not be disappointed..." Chris, you're going to a GOOD school now, what are you learning..To ride the bus ?"
Also, I recently purchased Dicks' Picks 36, the 36th entry in the archival releases form the Grateful Dead vaults...It's a show from the Philadelphia Spectrum on September 21st, 1972...And I have heard about 3 and a half of the four discs, and I must say, it kicks some ass..Not the greatest in the bunch, but some damn good stuff-a pretty hot "Morning Dew"...A kickin' "Cumberland Blues"...Unfortunately there is a "Playin' In The Band" with Donna wailing away like a wounded condor, but what are you gonna do ?
Also, Bruce Springsteen has his own channel on Sirius Satellite radio...That kicks MUCH ASS !!! It's called E Street Radio...And I am DIGGING IT !! I also placed my order for the deluxe reissue of Born To Run(30th Anniversary) and I am breathless with anticipation.
Oh, I recently re-watched Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith...And I still think it's good...In fact, I think parts of it are great... Palpatine drips evil, as does Anakin eventually...I don't know, I really thought it was pretty damn good. Sorry.
I don't know that I have much else to say...I should probably go...Paticus Out !!!

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Lauren said...

I've seen one episode of that show. Twice. On the plane from Chicago to London. It's a'ight!