Sunday, December 11, 2005

"I'm Living In A Powderkeg And Givin' Off Sparks"

I have a little revelatory tale to tell. It happened to me this morning while I was on the bus to visit my parole officer. This guy gets on with a walkman, and he's belting out some Leann Rimes.Normally, I get a little chuckle, and then return to my fantasies of winning a Grand Slam tennis title( Wimbledon, usually. I beat Monica Seles in straight sets and...oh, did I neglect to mention that in these fantasies I'm Patricia Byrne ? Well, that's not important right now.)But this morning, I felt this intense anger growing in my heart. Then, it slowly subsided. Unfortunately, it subsided to a point where I could feel nothing-No anger, hatred, love, pity, etc. My heart felt nothing. This worried me for a few minutes, and then it occurred to me what had happened: It was just as Bonnie Tyler had sung so many years ago- I had a Total Eclipse of the Heart.
Turn around bright eyes,

From The Pre-Blog Archive- 7/16/98

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Anonymous said...

Now I have all of those lovely tunes stuck in my head. Why did you do it? Hasn't Preston been providing any entertainment? No good stories of what you found in the back of the closet while packing (or maybe you found a bunch of 8-tracks back there).