Monday, January 30, 2006

Greatest Sports Name EVER !!!!

So I was up VERY EARLY this morning, giving LAB a much needed bottle and I was watching a show on ESPN2 called Mike & Mike In The Morning, which is two guys witha radio show on television, talking about sports...This morning they were talking about Shaq and how he last night became the 5th player in NBA history to average over 20 pints for 3 different teams(minimum of 100 games), now I could give a rats ass about this, but one of the other 4 to accomplish this feat had the single greatest sports name EVER, if not the greatest name EVER, sports or not, and I had totally forgotten about him, he played basketball in the 80's(maybe 70's too, I'm not sure) and his name was World B. Free(changed from Lloyd Free)...Does it get any better than that ?

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