Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ric Ocasek: Super Genius ?

I think he might be...Listen, the Cars are a very underrated band, they have got some great fucking songs :"Just What I Needed", "Drive", "Since You're Gone", " Shake It Up", I could go on and on and on...Well, maybe just on and on...But the point is made, AND he produced both Weezer's Blue Album and Green Album( Okay, so he didn't produce Pinkerton, my personal favorite, but for that I should rob him of geniushood ? I think not)... I also saw him on Letterman or Conan or something recently playing a tune off of his new solo album, and THAT kicked ass...AND he married Paulina Porizkova...Are you fucking kidding me ? Ric Ocasek is a Super Genius !!!

"It doesn't matter where you been
As long as it was deep...Yeah"- "Just What I Needed"- Ric Ocasek

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