Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Does Anyone Else Remember This ?

Okay, now before I start, i want to let you know that I know that what I am about to ask you about is going to sound like some drug addled dream sequence, or acid flashback or something of that nature...I am reasonably sure that it is not...Now, obviously one can never be ABSOLUTELY sure of such a thing, I mean, i could be in a mental institution in Dubuque Iowa right now, and I could have been here since I was ten and witnessed the tragedy of a neighborhood cat anally raping a Lhasa Apso...But I don't think I am, nor do I think that the cat assaulted that Lhasa Apso...But let's move on....There is something that i remember seeing on TV quite frequently as a child, and i thought it was hilarious, and the song is very catchy, and I thought about it recently, and I began wondering if anyone else in the world remembers it, so here goes...It was a PSA(Public Service Announcement) about the danger of pills in the medicine cabinet, and it was a pile of pills, (I believe it was a puppet, as this was the mid-70's, pre CGI technology as we know it) and it sang a little song in a high squeaky voice(or voices, actually, as it was several pills) that went like this:
This is serious
We could make you delirious
You should have a healthy fear of us
Too much of us is Dan-ger-ous
We're not candy
Even though we look so fine and dandy

That's all i remember...Now to all the rap fans out there, i know that Busta Rhymes used the first part as the refrain to his hit "Dangerous", but i believe the lyric is sampled from the PSA.

Does anyone else remember ever seeing this ?

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DoctorMama said...

Wow. I wish I had. But no.