Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why Didn't The "Fantastic Four" Suck More ?

I saw it over the weekend, and it wasn't good, but it wasn't all that bad, either...And that is terrible... i either wanted it to be great, so i could really enjoy it and look forward to sequels and such, OR I wanted it to really really SUCK, because then i could use all the clever wordplays that i have been coming up with:
Fantastic Fuck
Fucktastic Four
Fantastic Fraud
Fraudtastic Four
Fucktastic Fraud
Faux-tastic Four
Faux-tastic Fuck
Fraudtastic Fuck
Feebtastic Four
Fart-tastic Four
Fantastic Fart

I mean, the permutations seem endless, but it just wasn't bad enough for me to build up enough vitriol...Stupid Fucktastic Fucks...

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c2 said...

I'm sure some of those monikers will or have been employed by the porn industry.