Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Didja Know ?

That the Grateful Dead song "He's Gone" is not about a departed band member, but in fact about the band's manager who absconded with a lot of their money ?
He was also the drummer's Dad.

It's true.

"Rat in a drain ditch
Caught on a limb
You know better
But I know him
Like I told you
What I said
Steal Your face right off your head

Nine mile skid
On a ten mile ride
Hot as a pistol
But cool inside
Cat on a tin roof
Dogs in a pile
Nothing left to do but smile, smile ,smile

But now he's gone
Now he's gone
Gone, he's gone
He's gone
Like a steam locomotive
Rolling down the track
He's gone, he's gone
And nothing's gonna bring him back
He's gone..." Hunter/Garcia

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