Friday, May 05, 2006

Name That Lyric...Epsiode Two...

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our second episode of Name That Lyric...Now, unfortunately, there was not a winner from last week, but there were also only 3 guesses, and as the old Navajo saying goes, "you gotta be in it to win it." ...And that is certainly true...Anyway, here is last week's answer

"Your kisses lift me higher
Like the sweet song of a choir" from "Burning Love"- Elvis Presley....

And here is this week's entry:

"I was the third brother of five
Doing whatever I had to do to survive."

And here is a clue: It's a song featured in two movies.

Good luck, prognosticators !!!


DoctorMama said...

Just to be noodgy, I believe the lyrics for "Burning Love" were written by Dennis Linde, not Elvis.

(Somewhere a puppy just died.)

Paticus said...

You got me...I realized when I started writing that Elvis probably did not write the lyrics, but I did not have access to my CD collection, and as usual in times like this, though I am ON the internet, I rarely think to look things up on it...Just another glaring example of my general intelligence..So, thank you, dear DoctorMama, for setting the record(no pun intended) straight, and I do most wholeheartedly aploogize for the misinformation, and I will gladly submit to whatever inquiries the federal government feels are warranted...I accept responsibility for my actions, and i promise that next weeks's answer wil be properly credited...

Anonymous said...

I ALMOST guessed Elvis...DAMNIT !!!
Well, is this weeks' from "Tunnel Of Love" by Dire Straits ?

Tom Tuttle
Tacoma, Washington