Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What Movie Is This From ?

Okay, since the "Name That Lyric" game has been such a rousing success, we are going to piggyback on that success with yet another audience participation game !!!(can anyone say, "Glutton for punishment"? No ? How about "Stubborn Irishman"?...I knew that you could...)
Okay, here's how it works, I will print a line or exchange from a movie(I will give the year of release) and someone will guess what movie it's from !! How about that ??!!?? Doesn't that sound like fun ?

Movie from 1983:

Witness; "...And as you can see, the tape has a time code on it, and those are very difficult to fake."
Judge: " Would you please explain 'time code' ? "
Witness: : "Just because I don't know what it is, that doesn't mean I'm lying."

Well ?


Kal said...

Strange Brew, of course. And I can't remember the name of the character, but he was Max Von Sydow's henchman...

(Surfed over from Italk2much)

Funny Stuff.

Paticus said...

Kal, you are correct, sir...And I am operating on the honor system, believing that you did not see the answer in Part Two. And extra creidt for the max Von Sydow reference !!
Thanks for stopping by, and for the compliment !!