Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Napkin Crane, Anyone ??

So, I recently came into a small inheritance that consisted of my Great Aunt Jemima's(her Dad LOOOOOVED pancakes, her sister was named Mrs. Butterworth-true story) stash of Publix Print Napkins, which are worth a great deal what with the picnic season coming up and all, but above and beyond their general usefulness, these particular packages of napkins(and there are 65 packages of 250 count napkins-I'll save you the math, it's a whopping 16, 250 napkins) have a 17 step process for creating a Napkin Crane !!! So, not only will I be the hero of the summer barbecues as people dab ketchup and mustard from the corners of their lips, and wipe potato salad from shorts and shirts, but I will also be remembered for my artistic prowess due to the napkin origami !! God Bless You, Publix Print Napkins...And God Bless You, Great Aunt Jemima, give Jesus one of your cheek pinches from me !!

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