Tuesday, May 30, 2006

WTF ???

Now, I'm sure some of you are wondering, what the fuck, Paticus ? Why the latest installments of What Movie Is This From AND Name That Lyric on the same day ? AND why on a god-damned Tuesday ? No ? none of you were wondering about that ? Not a single of you exclaimed "What the fuck, paticus ?" No one even thought it ? Not even the shorthand, "WTF ?" Really ? No one ? Oh, okay...Well, i was just gonna tell you that My Special Lady and I are are getting outta the Hassee tomorrrow for a coupla days, and I won't necessarily have access to a computer( I'm going to work farm to pay off the rest of my Community Service stemming from the "incident" with Tori Spelling and the tiramisu- No, i am not gonna rehash it- She knows she was wrong ! I know she was wrong...I can't help it if the judge was blinded by celebrity....I will do my time, and then that's it...It gets expunged, unless I assault anyone else in the next two years with delicious desserts...JUST desserts is more like it !! Oh, no I di'nt !!) I have said too much...But the point is, I will not be blogging most likely, and I did not want to rob you folks of the highlights of your week.
Peace !!

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Feral Mom said...

But you will do a guest post on Gone Feral, right? TWINAPOLOOZA 2006!!!! Whooo! Tits! Balls! Swimming Pools in the Shape of Elephants! Whoo!