Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hmmm...I Feel All Solsticey...

That's right, boys and girls...It's the first day of SUMMER !!!!!!!!! And we all know what that means....NO MORE PANTS !!!! Okay, I'm kidding....Seriously, do not try not wearing pants all summer, I can tell you from experience, it involves getting arrested...A LOT...It's just not worth it, my friends. It's just not worth it..

But today is the first day of summer...The Summer Solstice...The longest day of the year...Old Junebones... What can I say about the Solstice ? Nothing really, as my knowledge of it is extremely limited...In fact, I think I k now that it's the first day of summer, it's the longest day of the year(Though I think anyday at the DMV seems longer !! Am I right people ? Huh ? Huh ? The DMV ? With the lines and all ?) and I know how to spell it...I think that's it...I do remember the Grateful Dead playing a show in 1989 I think on the Solstice that was broadcast on Pay-Per-View..I had it on videotape..It disappeared..I do remember them playing Box Of Rain...I remember watching it with my college roommates and smoking a ton of...ham...Yes that's it, we were just burgeoning butchers at that time, trying to make our way through school smoking hams and turkeys and selling them at school athletic contests...So at this time we were multi-tasking, watching the concert and smoking some meats...Yes, that's exactly how I remember it happening. We were certainly an industrious bunch.

What else can I say about Summer ? This is my first summer in Florida, and one thing I have learned is that summer in Florida starts in fucking MARCH !!!! I think that fucking Jeb Bush has done away with spring.

But summer is a pastoral time, a time for baseball(and how the fuck about my New York Mets ? Tearing UP the National League !! I can almost see myself forgetting that they will break my heart by October)...A time for popsicles(Bomb pops were my favorite)...Popsicles that melt all over your hands, getting on that brand new shirt that your Mom just bought you, even though you did your best to be careful...Summer is a time for a few days spent in the cool confines of the basement...Not too long, just long enough to learn to keep the popsicle away from my new shirt, that's all...It was done out of love...I had to learn, didn't I ?

You know, I should probably go...I'll talk to you later.


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