Friday, June 16, 2006

Name That Lyric...Episode 8:Baby,Baby,Baby...

Okay....Not a good week, no winners, no guesses, even...But as we all know, that only strengthens my reslove...Let's just say I have a lot in common with Kevin Costner's character in "Tin Cup"- and there's another one into the water...

Here is last week's answer:

" 'Cause all you women is low down gamblers,
Cheatin' like I don't know how,
But baby, baby, there's fever in the funk house now. "

It's from "Tumbling Dice" by the Rolling Stones(written by Jagger/Richards), a small, subtle band from merry olde England.

And now, for this week's lyric:

"She come skimming through rays of violet
She can wade in a drop of dew
She don't come and I don't follow
Waits backstage while I sing to you"

Good Luck, Crimestoppers !!!


c2 said...

Oooh--is it "Melancholy Baby"?

Feral Mom said...

It has to be that old Warrant hit, "Sugar Magnolia."