Monday, August 07, 2006

Am I Worthless Without You, Dear Reader ?

I was surfing blogs recently, and I came across one that was celebrating it's blogversary( Mine, by the way, is February 28th- so start saving now) and the author thanked the folks who stop by to read and comment because without them, the blog would be pointless. That got me thinking....Is that true ?

Don't get me wrong, I greatly appreciate the folks who stop by and read and take the time to comment, I truly do. And I also can't say that this author is wrong for their opinion- if they think it would be pointless, then they are correct, and entitled to their opinion. But I do wonder, would I keep writing this if no one ever stopped by ? No one EVER commented ? I think I probably would, as I think this blog exists for me to amuse myself first, and if there are others out there that enjoy it, then that's so much the better.

Again, I'm not trying to sound ungrateful to those that do stop by and comment. I love it that you do. But I don't necessarily think that I feel that my blog would be pointless without people reading it and commenting on it. Couldn't it just stand as a journal ?

Obviously, I WANT people to read it, or else I would have a well worn notebook tucked under my mattress filled my little quotes and obsessions and such, to be discovered after I'm found dead in the yard with one foot in an inflatable swimming pool, a kite with a key tied to it in one hand, a duracell battery in the other, and a few handfuls of pureed Spam in my "One Hot Tamale" boxer shorts. Then it would ALL be explained. And they would see the GENIUS of my experiments.

But I don't have that notebook(at least not under my mattress- what a pedestrian hiding place), I have this blog. Clearly, I hope that people will read it and enjoy it. But do I NEED them to ? Or does the blog NEED them to ?

And now, in a grand irony, I will solicit comments: What do you think ? Am I worthless without you, my dear reader ? Am I pointless ?(To be fair, I think I might be pointless with or without readers.)

I await your comments...Or do I ?


Lauren said...

Nice to know I'm appreciated! Hmph!


Greg said...

Ha ha-- that's deep, man. Keep up the good work.