Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What Movie Is This From...Episode XIII: Wasn't Jon Lovitz in Highlander ?

Wow, Episode ex -ay-ay-ay, how exciting !!! This means that next time, I get to use vee again !!! And for III episodes in a row !!! I feel like the luckiest boy in the world !!! By the way, on a movie sidenote, go see Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby- funniest movie I have seen in a looong time. "He's in his underpants again."
Okay, onto the contest. We had one guess week, and while DoctorMama made a valiant effort, her guess that
:" It happens sometimes, people just explode. Natural causes.", was from Spinal Tap, was incorrect.
The line is actually from "Repo Man", Emilio Estevez' best movie, and perhaps the best punk rock movie about aliens, time travel and automobile repossession ever made.

I have a question to ask about how the game is managed: For those of you who play along, would it be better if I replied to each answer as they are posted ? Should I have told DoctorMama that her guess was incorrect before today ? Or do you like how it works ? I guess the question is, does an answer being there keep others from guessing ? So, should I tell the person whether they are right or wrong, so if they are wrong, others can feel free to guess ? Let Me know.

Okay, onto this weeks quote:

A movie from 1988

"How did he go to the bathroom with all that shit on ?

Good luck, Crimestoppers !!!!

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