Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Have Said It Before...

And I will say it again....Chris Elliot is a Supergenius !!! He was on Letterman Tuesday night, and he killed. He showed a clip from his "appearance" on the Guiding Light where he had to make himself cry, and I just about peed my pants...He also reported to his fans on his website via his laptop during his interview. Killer funny.
I think I'm gonna visit YouTube and see if there are any clips of his Marlon Brando impression from Late Night back in the 80's.

I FOUND IT !!!!!

It's the one where he calls himself a "comedy porcupine"-it's fucking HI-larious !!!!



Ma Titwonky said...

Did you know Chris Elliott has written a book? It's called The Shroud Of The Thwacker. Thought you might be interested if you didn't already know.

Paticus said...

Thanks. I did know that. It just came out in paperback, and it is on my list of things to read once I can actually find time to read again. It's right behind finishing "The Area Of My Expertise" by John Hodgeman, and "Assassination Vacation" by Sarah Vowell. It sounds hilarious.
Have you read "Thwacker" ?

Ma Titwonky said...

It's on my list right after "Thunder Run" and "Ghost Wars". I figure after those two I'll need some comic relief.