Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My 4 Favorite....

Michael Pare movies. (Sorry there's no accent on the "e")
That's right, it's LIST time, and here's the first one...My 4 Favorite Movies Starring(or Featuring) Michael Pare. Here they are:
Number 4: The Virgin Suicides:
Michael plays the Adult Trip Fontaine, who is played as a younger character by Josh Hartnett(or HOT-nett !! Am I right, people ? Huh ? Huh ?)...I'll be honest, I don't really remember this movie all that well, or Mr. Pare's part in it, but I needed a 4th movie, as a Top 3 list just seems incomplete and silly.

Number 3: The Philadelphia Experiment(1984): Michael plays Naval officer/Reluctant Time traveler David Herdeg. And I don't care what ANYBODY says, this movie is the BEST Naval Time Travel Government Conspiracy Thriller Romance movie of all time !!! It's about a government experiment(supposedly based on a TRUE STORY) with electromagnetic fields and invisibility that goes horribly awry and sends Michael Pare and his costar Bobby DiCicco are hurtled through time from 1943 all the way to 1984. Then intrigue and confusion and a touch of romance(Nancy Allen plays Michaels love interest) ensue. Good times.

Number 2: Streets Of Fire(1984): Great movie. Michael plays Tom Cody, a mercenary who is hired to rescue his ex-girlfriend, a hot singer named Ellen Aim(Diane Lane), who has been kidnapped by a gang led by Willem Dafoe in pleather overalls. It's this weird mix of future/nostalgia...I'm not really sure exactly when or where it's supposed to be, though I suspect it's a time and a place that only exists in my dreams. Rick Moranis is in it as Ellen's manager/new boyfriend, Amy Madigan as the butch sidekick. And the fantastically named Lee Ving is in it as Dafoe's right hand man. It's got great music, AND a climactic sledgehammer fight. How does it get any better than that ?

And, the NUMBER 1 all time greatest Michael Pare movie ? Could it be anything but Eddie And The Cruisers ? : Where do I start ? Fantastic soundtrack by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, mystery, intrigue, romance, rock and roll...This movie has everything...AND Tom Berenger, Ellen Barkin and Joe Pantoliano ? Are you kidding me ? The story revolves around Eddie Wilson, a rock n roll heartthrob played to perfection by Mr. Pare himself. Eddie and the Cruisers were some "guys from jersey" that hit the big time playing rock n roll music. But Eddie wanted more, he wanted to be great. Legendary. He even says in the movie, "if we can't be great, there's no point in ever playing music again." Then he "died" in a car crash...Or did he ? THAT'S what the movie is trying to figure out. Ellen Barkin plays a reporter doing a story on Eddie, and in flashbacks we learn all about the band and what led up to his "death". But then, it seems like maybe Eddie is alive. His girlfriend starts getting mysterious phone calls, and seeing his car around...What is up ? Did Eddie fake his death ? Will we ever hear "A Season In Hell", the ambitious project that Eddie was working on when he died ? You will just have to watch it and see. Okay, I'll tell you, so skip down to where it says "So there you have it", if you don't want to know the end. Okay, what happens is this, Eddie's girlfriend(she played tambourine and sang backup in the band) knows where the "Season In Hell" tapes are, and Joey Pantoliano is PRETENDING to be Eddie to get the tapes. She gives then to him, even AFTER she finds out his ruse. Then, we see Ellen Barkin giving her report on a TV in a store window. The report ends and the screen goes black...Reflected in the store window...IS EDDIE !!!!!!!!!! He has beard now, but it's him !! HE WAS ALIVE !! AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Spoiler Over.

So there you have it, my list of my 4 Favorite Michael Pare movies.


DoctorMama said...

Are there more than four Michael Pare movies?

Paticus said...

Well...There's Eddie And The Cruisers 2...Aaaaand...Of course there is Village Of The Damned, Triplecross, Lunarcop, and 2013:The Deadly Wake aka Hydrosphere.

c2 said...

Josh Hartnett. Meh.

Miss Ann Thrope said...

No shit. Maybe I'm not remembering the dude's face right. I can't place him in E&C or Village of the damned.