Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween !!!

On this day, we pause to reflect and give thanks for the sacrifices that Jesus made in protecting our candy industry from the marauding Martian dentists that wanted to protect our teeth from decay so that they could harvest them later for their own nefarious purposes. But thanks to Jesus' quick thinking(and the help of his pal the Easter Bunny), we are free to rot our teeth as we see fit. AMEN !!!!

Now, I thought that since you have all been sooo good, that I would share with you some photos of my own personal favorite Halloween costume, and one photo of my "Pulp Fiction" pumpkin.

Now, this costume is from 1994, whilst I was living in Los Angeles, and my friend G had a dream that I was Princess Leia for Halloween. I told her that if she was willing to to do my hair(it was down almost to my butt at this time), I was game. Well, the rest is history. So here are the photos...I was twelve years younger, approximately 50 pounds heavier, and my hair was quite a bit longer. Enjoy !!

Proud, proud moments.

Here's the pumpkin.

Happy Halloween, everyone !!!!


Avitable said...

Very nice!

Happy Halloween.

Lauren said...

omg, that's so hot.