Thursday, October 05, 2006

What's With All The Hating ?

As I have stated before, I am a New York Mets fan. Now, every few years(this current year being one of them), this becomes a less painful proposition, but mostly, it is a heartbreaking life to be a Mets fan. They hurt me. They build up my expectations, and then cleat me in the balls. I keep coming back for more.

There is one other thing(besides the ball cleating) that pretty much goes hand in hand with being a Mets fan...And that thing is hating the New York Yankees. Despising them. I am not proud of this fact, but I will admit, that I hate the Yankees as much as anyone. Sometimes the hate almost consumes me...In fact, sometimes, it feels that I get more pleasure out of the Yankees failing than the Mets succeeding. Now, that isn't actually true, but I think I have come close to that line sometimes.

I also know why I hate the Yankees so much. Sure. Part of it is their arrogance, and the loud mouthed fans, and a fair amount is George Steinbrenner, and some dislike of some of the players(that motherfucker A-Rod, for example), and of course, I disagree with their barbaric practice of using kittens instead of baseballs for batting practice,but I know that the lion's share of my hatred grows from one emotion: Jealousy. I admit it, I am eternally jealous of their accomplishments. 26 World Series wins. 11 straigh postseason appearances, a myriad of legendary players(Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, DiMaggio,)I think, "Why can't the Mets do that ?" But they never can. The Mets always fuck it up with a combination of poor management(on and off the field), poor choices, and sometimes just plain bad luck. Now, I happen to think that this could all change. I think we have a great GM now, a good manager on the field, and some good young players.

But the outlook of the Mets is not the point of this...I understand and admit to my Yankee hating and it's causes...But riddle me this : Why do so many Yankee fans hate the Mets ? What is the point ? The Mets have won 2 World Series to the Yankees 26. Why all the hating ?

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