Thursday, October 05, 2006

You Know What I Kinda Miss ?

The video store wall walk.

We belong to Netflix, which is a godsend, and a real treat for a lazy ass like myself, especially with twin one year old girls at home.

But I must admit, that I miss that walk along the New Release video wall to see what has come out on DVD lately. Searching new releases on the Netflix site just is not the same.


What ?

Oh, was I supposed to go on some rant about technology stealing our humanity or something ? Isolating us ? Cutting us off from real experience ? I really had not thought that much about it. I just kinda miss that walk, that's all. I ain't giving up Netflix or anything...Laziness definitely kicks nostalgia's ass on this one.


c2 said...

Several years ago, I was browsing said New Releases wall, and there was a group of girls in their early teens in front of me, talking between them about who had or hadn't seen this or that movie. Just being teenage girls, which was fine.

One title was mentioned, and one girl said, "I don't know if Christine has seen that." and she turned around, thinking I was her friend, stopped, and said, "oh, you're not Christine!" I had to laugh and tell her that, actually, I was! She laughed and we all went on our happy little movie hunt. That prolly wouldn't have happened on Netflix, either.

Anonymous said...

The Blockbuster & Hollywood Video sites do have a better facsimile of the new release wall than Netflix does, though. You can trawl on there, then hop to Netflix for the kill.

Paticus said...

C2, very true, very true...You know, one time whilst perusing the video wall at the local video store when i was a younger lad, I was able to tell then Yankee first baseman(and Simpsons character) Don Mattingly that "Singles" was a great movie. Couldn't do that on Netflix either.

Doctormama: Thankls for the tip, I will have to check that out. it may be the happy medium.

c2 said...

'Course, there was another time I was browsing the wall with a friend, and there was such a stench in the place, that I had to turn to my friend and say, "who do you suppose took a dump in here?" She agreed wholeheartedly. VERY glad that I couldn't do that on Netflix, either. Well, I suppose I could, but....