Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where's the Blood ? The Pus ?

I had the root of the right side of my toenail on my fourth toe of my right foot removed yesterday. Well, it vwasn't exactly removed, it was cut down, and then they put in this chemical to destroy the root so it won't grow back.

It was all bandaged up until this morning, and when I took off the bandage...It looked pretty normal. I was so disappointed !! Where's the blood ? The pus ? It just looks like nothing happened. That's not true, it looks like something happened, but it's hard to pinpoint what that something might be. Kinda like when someone gets a really subtle haircut.

I was really hoping for a mangled looking toe. That would have been boss.(thank you, Lorelei Gilmore, for inspiring me to use the word "boss" more often). Alas, they did a nice clean job on my toe. So far, anyway.

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