Monday, January 15, 2007

I Know I Shouldn't, But I Do

There are a couple of movies out there that I love. They suck. I know that they suck. But I love them. I don't know any other way to explain it. I watched them, I knew that they were bad while I was watching them, and yet, when they were over, I found myself thinking how much I enjoyed them. And I don't mean it in the "They are so bad they are good" category either. They are just bad, and I don't even know that I should say that I "enjoyed" them, because I don't know that I did, I just simply love these movies.

I'm sure that i am not making any sense, so I'll try to clarify the difference between "enjoying" a bad movie for it's over the top badness, and simply loving a bad movie in spite of itself and myself. Take "Showgirls", for example. A movie that is abysmal, but has achieved a sort of cult status for being unintentionally funny, having these ridiculous sex scenes, and ample amounts of naked boobs. And while I enjoy "Showgirls" for all of these reasons, it does not fall into the category of a bad movie that I love. The "Beastmaster" is another one.

What are the bad movies that I love that I am typing on and on about ? I'll give you two titles:

"Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man"- Mickey Rourke, Don Johnson. awful, awful movie. Along with the title characters, there are characters named Virginia Slim and Jack Daniels. Plus it has a Baldwin(Daniel) in it. I went to see it in the theater, I knew it would be awful, and it was, but I love it.

"Even Cowgirls Get The Blues"-Uma Thurman. Great book turned into a horrific movie. Bizzare cast(Pat Morita, ed Begley, jr. Ken Kesey, Ken Babbs, Victoria Williams, Heather Graham,Keanu Reeves and so on and so on). I should probably hate it for what it did to a book I love so much, but I still adore this movie, even though I can't bring myself to ever see it again.

So there you have it. Did any of this make sense ? It kind of does in my head, but I don't know if I stated it very well. Or am I just overthinking the "cult movie" definition ?

Is there something WRONG with me ?

Or do YOU have movies that fit these criteria s well ?

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