Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Movie Is This From: Episode 36:Do You Smell That ?

Oh, that's awful...What is that horrendous odor ? It smells like someone drank ammonia and sauerkraut, threw it up, then pissed on it, and then fried it all up in garlic. Open a window, for the love of Mike.

We had no winner from last week, no one remembered that

"Into the mud, scum queen!!"

Is from "The Man With Two Brains" with Steve Martin.

Onto This week's clue:

A movie from 1994:

"Check out the big brain on Brett !!"

Good luck, Crimestoppers !!


Avitable said...

That would be Pulp Fiction. In reference to the metric system, I believe.

Anonymous said...

God dammit, I finally knew one.

cindra said...

Crap. Avitable beat me to it. Pulp Fiction. Damn. Good one.