Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Do....

4 years ago today, I became an even luckier man than I was before.

My Special Lady made an honest man out of me(after 14 years of courtship).

I will never quite know what a woman of her quality sees in a guy like me, but I am ever thankful that she sees it. She is a great woman, and I love her dearly.

I will not get overly maudlin on you, I'll just leave you with a piece of our wedding song:

"Standing on the moon
Where talk is cheap and vision true
Standing on the moon
But I would rather be with you
Somewhere in San Francisco
On a back porch in July
Just looking up to heaven
At this crescent in the sky

Standing on the moon
With nothing left to do
A lovely view of heaven
But I'd rather be with you - be with you"
"Standing On The Moon" - Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia


Christine C. said...

That was very sweet.

Happy Anniversary to both of you!!!

lauren said...

Awww. . .

*tears up*

*remembers self*

I mean, awww, marriage is for suckers.